Tom Brady, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Be RICH mindset.

In our most recent quick hit episode of our podcast, JB and The Doctor, Mastery With Science we explored how incredible it is to see Tom Brady’s journey from a back-up quarterback at the University of Michigan to an individual with more Super Bowl rings than any single FRANCHISE.

One of the items we focused on was how Tom Brady epitomizes the Be RICH mindset.  Yes, we all know he IS rich, but what does it mean to Be RICH?

R – Rise to mastery.  Nobody can argue Tom Brady’s ascension as an absolute master of his craft.  Tom was plugged into a brand new system during a pandemic, with limited opportunity to develop a rapport with his teammates, and still managed to lead his team to a win at the super bowl.  His mastery cannot be disputed and has taken years to develop.  Perhaps most importantly, Tom continues to hone his skillset and push the boundaries of what it means to be masterful at the quarterback position.

I – Inspire greatness.  What isn’t inspiring about a leader who continues to display excellence even at an age far beyond the norm in his industry.  Tom Brady is the sole remaining player in his draft class and is still the pinnacle of efficiency and effectiveness in his role as a quarterback.  Add to that the fire and passion he still carries for the game and his business and it’s incredibly inspiring to watch him play.

C – Celebrate knowledge.  How do you take someone that plays under a different playbook and integrate them into your own system successfully?  Now that we’ve chewed on that, how do you do it and overcome all of the challenges that come up and end up as the most successful team in the country.  The only way to do it is to truly embrace KNOWING the business.  Mastery is all about knowledge, knowledge not only of your own playbook and system but on others.  Know your competitors and know the strategies that work.  Tom Brady is a phenomenal example of someone who truly celebrates the knowledge he has.  He is like having an offensive coordinator in the huddle with the rest of your team.  

H – Helping Others.  Football is a team sport.  In that sense, it shouldn’t matter if Tom Brady is the quarterback or not, the team won, not Tom.  Yet, if we take a look at Tampa Bay’s postseason record let alone their Superbowl record it becomes pretty apparent that Tom Brady was able to help the organization in a way that is unique.  Awesome.  More importantly, at this moment is Bruce Arians’ role in helping others.  Bruce will go down in history as the first head football coach with all 4 of his coordinators being minorities, as well as having the first team to ever carry two full time coaching positions held by women.  Incredible.  Helping others is about giving back so that others can achieve.  When we lift others, we rise with them.  Helping others is an essential part of the Be RICH mindset.

If you believe in the Be RICH mindset we encourage you to listen to the rest of our podcast here.

Tom Brady, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Be RICH mindset – Episode 24.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming private Facebook group.  Designed to create a space for service-based professionals and entrepreneurs to give and get back it is built on the bedrock of our value system.  The Be RICH mindset is a way of life and core tenets to JB and The Doctor, Mastery With Science.

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