Couples Money Challenge

Cupid’s Arrow. It’s an appropriate symbol of the Valentine’s Day holiday and of relationships in general. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that comes with a host of challenges and it’s not uncommon for it to be exciting, romantic, and full of love. It’s also common to come across as painful, insufferable and miserable for a number of people. When it comes to relationships and couples it’s almost as big of a day as your anniversary is.

Valentine’s Day is also an expensive holiday, the price of roses spikes, cheap chocolates are pushed to the side and replaced by expensive and your average lunch or dinner goes from a normal night out to a price fixed menu or brunch or special that all of sudden is on a whole new level of expense compared to a regular date out.

This holiday isn’t just about your relationship with your partner it’s also about your relationship with money. One partner might expect a lavish, expensive evening out with extravagant gifts. Maybe the other partner just wants a night in, together. This kind of friction can lead to conflict, anxiety, anger, depression and a host of other relationship challenges.

In a recent conversation JB asked The Doctor his thoughts on couples relationships with each other and money and how to overcome some of the challenges we run across since we are less than a week away from Cupid and his arrows!

JB: Doc, is there a specific challenge or are there any common strings or threads that you run across with couples when you’re discussing the relationship with each other and money?

The Doctor: “The biggest thing is communication, or the lack there of usually leads into the biggest challenges (for example). Now, I don’t want to talk about this, right? Or even past that, I’m afraid to talk about this because I don’t know what the reaction is going to be. So they put up the walls. Before the communication even starts. And they could possibly even be on the same page on a lot of the stuff, but just the fear of even having that conversation drives a lot of it, and I think it makes a difference. Again, different people, different situations, is it a new relationship, are you guys just starting to date, did you just move in together? That plays one role. Are we about to get married? Is there a pre-nup? Do we have to discuss it in that way? There’s another part of the role, and we’ve been together for decades and it’s just become old hat and we’ve changed our financial situation, or we changed our interest, our needs, do we need to re-address that conversation and what does that look like? Because we don’t like change.

So there’s so many different ways this plays out, depending on what situation you’re in, but across the board, it always comes back to communication.”

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