What it means to be courageous in business

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When you hear courage, you probably don’t immediately think about business. You may think of police officers and heroism, or service members overseas, firefighters from 9/11 but you aren’t too likely to think of business leaders. Yet everyday professionals and business leaders exhibit courage in business. What it means to be courageous in business is to develop and display the skill sets of risk/reward decision making, to admit you are without all the answers and to stand up for what is right.

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Courage Through Decision Making

Taking calculated risks in business means to identify and take action on potential failures. It also means to weigh the risk of that failure with the reward of success. Great business leaders display strong risk adjusted decision making and continue to push the boundaries of what their business and they are capable of. This is a skill best developed through experience, mentorship and wisdom.

The Courage to Not Know

As business grows more complex our ability to be an expert in all aspects hits a wall. Our willingness to openly admit our own limits of knowledge is an essential skill for professionals and business owners today. Better to admit lack of knowledge and ignorance than pretend to know what we do not.

The Courage of Standing up for What Is Right

It’s easy as professionals and business owners to sacrifice integrity and ethics in the pursuit of business. After all, plenty of people and businesses are willing to look the other way or blatantly break the rules if they think they can get away with it. Standing up for what is right takes courage. It takes a willingness to accept losses that otherwise might not be taken. It also leads to a culture of excellence that will be unmatched by any other company or professional that is willing to compromise their ethics and integrity.

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