3 Tips On Celebrating Without Getting Off Course

3 Tips On Celebrating Without Getting Off Course

It’s incredibly important to celebrate. Celebration allows us to refresh our minds, recenter our energy on why we got started and forces us to actively review and serve reverence to milestones and victories achieved on our journey. In other words, celebration forces us to slow down and appreciate what we have accomplished. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to allow celebrating to take us off course. In this blog we’ll offer 3 tips on how to celebrate without getting off track!

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Here’s the best ways to celebrate while staying on track

Celebrate in a way that doesn’t take away from your progress

Ever see someone successfully complete a diet and then celebrate by having a ridiculous cheat day? Sure, they’ve accomplished something great, but they actively work against their progress in the celebration. The key to celebrating effectively and staying on track is to celebrate with a reward that does not undermine your progress. On a diet? Celebrate with something different than food. Exercising a ton to get healthy? Celebrate by giving yourself a spa day to workout the knots and tension in your muscles.

Celebrate more consistently and less heavily

Do you know anyone that’s achieved something great and then goes out on a rager to celebrate? It’s like a ton of pent up emotion comes out all at once. It’s better to celebrate in moderation, more frequently than it is to go all out. Going all out can be a disruptor and disruptors are known for getting people off track with their behaviors. Try celebrating with some more frequency and in greater moderation if this is something you find yourself guilty of!

Celebrate with your supporters

Most of us aren’t on an island by ourselves. Our businesses and our goals are supported by our partners, spouses, family members, investors, constituents, clients…etc. Nobody is successful by themselves. Celebrating with your supporters shows you care and nets you two birds with one stone. Not only do you get all the benefits of celebration, by making your supporters a part of the celebration you actively re-engage them and their efforts and acknowledge the influence and impact they have had on your journey!

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