3 Hacks To Stop Defining Yourself By Your Work

3 Hacks To Stop Defining Yourself By Your Work

It’s easy to identify ourselves with our work. It’s been hardwired into us culturally since we were kids. What do you want to be when you grow up? The answers are never father, sister, avid runner, etc, are they? No, they are policeman, teacher, fireman, astronaut and so on and so forth. The problem with identifying and defining yourself by your work is that work will end, and we are MUCH MORE than just our work. So, when someone asks what you do and you respond with; writer, accountant, attorney etc, then it might be time for you to consider these 3 hacks on how you can stop defining yourself by your work!

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Hack #1

Don’t tell people WHAT YOU DO. When asked what you do, reply instead with WHO YOU ARE, or ask for clarity if they’d like to know what you do professionally or what you do for your hobbies or downtime. Although a small change this will help you rewire how you think about yourself. What we put out there becomes what we are!

Hack #2

Stop objectifying yourself. In this instance, objectifying yourself means that you are distilling yourself down to one characteristic such as: I’m an entrepreneur, or, I’m a financial advisor. You are much more than that and by reducing yourself down to one simple thing you actively objectify yourself. Most of us won’t stand to see someone else being objectified, and it’s time for us to stop objectifying ourselves!

Hack #3

Get away from it. Hustle culture is very real and can be quite toxic. If all you do is work and you never step away you’ll never really know if this is really who you want to be. Getting away and actually NOT WORKING when you get away allows you to find your center again. Your center is the place inside of you that is values and truth focused. It’s your beliefs and who you are. It will help you remember that you are much more than your work.

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