3 Tricks to Hosting an Amazing Event

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - 3 Tricks to Hosting an Amazing Event

It can be great to go to an event and meet wonderful people, network, and find ways to grow your business. Some of the best relationships can be built this way, just ask many of our podcast guests how we connected originally! Other times events can fall short. Given time most professionals will consider hosting their own events. If you’re at this point and you want to do it right, we have 3 tricks that will help you host an amazing event!

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#1 Give more lead time than you think you need

Events have a way of coming on fast. If you think you need 3 weeks to get an event together, plan on 5-6. Optimism bias is very real and very dangerous when you’re trying to host an event. Don’t get caught unprepared for all the moving pieces and coordination involved with event hosting.

#2 You need to manage the venue

We’d love to say that venues have their ducks in a row when it comes to event hosting, but you’d be surprised by how often venues drop the ball before or during events.  Do not assume the venue will be a rockstar at event management.  Take ownership of this or face the consequences.

#3 Have a follow up plan

Do you know the worst thing you can do when it comes to running an event? 100% not having a follow up plan. The event is being held for a reason and if you want to make the most of your time energy and resources you need to have a thoughtful and ready to roll follow up plan. Do this and even small events can have tremendous results!

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