3 Ways to Embrace Change

Change is always happening. When we really look hard at our lives, our businesses, our relationships, nothing ever stops changing. We are constantly shifting, adapting and transforming. You’d think with all of that non stop change happening it wouldn’t be so hard. Change is hard though because we all know that change carries uncertainty and discomfort.

There are times when resisting change can make sense. In practice, we don’t want to constantly shift away from our driving principles, mission statement, values or vision. This constant causes confusion from our clients, prospects and business partners. It makes them uncomfortable, it makes them nervous and it creates additional uncertainty (which they already have enough of, if you ask them).

Other times, change is absolutely necessary. We find that the models, the behaviors, the way we handled ourselves and our business in the past has changed and hopefully, evolved. Taking it a step further – as our environment changes, so too must we, after all, it’s not the strongest, smartest or fastest who are most likely to survive; the best survivors are the most adaptable.

Here are 3 tips to embrace change:

1. Focus on the positive opportunities change brings. Every change is a new burgeoning opportunity for you and your business. Stop focusing on the challenge and focus on what the future can hold. Focusing on the future possibilities the change can bring will help you bring the best mindset to changes.

2. Changes forces you to take a more objective look at your behavior and models. It’s easy to get rigid. Process and routines are incredibly powerful tools, but to be too stuck in our ways, makes us predictable and vulnerable to risk. Embracing change will help you and your business continue to grow and protect you against risk.

3. Think back to a starting point. In our minds we can always look back to the start of our journey, whether it’s personal, relationship oriented or business related. Where were you at the start of the journey? Would you still want to be there today? More often than not we only notice the large changes in our lives and this is where discomfort kicks in. It’d be a tremendous loss to fail to see how the smaller changes have added up and helped us evolve. When we look back to where we started it brings into focus all of the compounding of those little changes. This perspective can help you better embrace change.

Bonus! – If you’re just getting started on something. Write down some objective measurable thoughts about where you are today. Think about what are your current strengths and weaknesses as you’re getting started. Save the thoughts and take a look at them in 6 months. You’ll be shocked at how much the small changes have helped you continue growing your strengths and/or reduce your weaknesses.

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