Being Schooled by Dr. P, Will Get You Psyched Up

In the last 20 years we’ve seen an enormous uptick in the concept of client relationship management (CRM). All too often when we hear this term our thoughts go straight to software. You might even think ‘salesforce,’ as a synonym for CRM.

What is CRM then, is it truly just software that helps us track contact with clients? Or, is it more? The software a CRM is run through, is simply a system. A highly organized and interconnected system, but a system nonetheless. CRM then isn’t the actual software – it’s what the software does and all the processes and routines the software follows to allow for maximizing appropriate levels of contact with clients, business partners, and outside organizations.

Today we took a unique look at the CRM from a different perspective. The perspective of someone who doesn’t come from a sales background or isn’t working through the eyes of silicon valley. Our most recent guest of our podcast, Dr. P (Doctor Priscilla Kucer) of Priscilla Kucer Consulting is an entrepreneur, school psychologist, and executive coach with a focus on leadership development, strategic planning, and executive coaching. Dr. P’s background includes not just school psychology but also industrial organization.

When asked about client relationship management, Dr. P. had a response far different from what we tend to think of when we talk about CRM. At its heart, Dr. P’s response and insight dive straight into the heart of a CRM. How we create a system that provides us the tools to communicate to our clients via the platinum rule. How do we establish expectations and create the framework for communication for both parties.

JB: Dr. P, do you have any systems that you put in place for yourself or for your clients when it comes to relationship management? (…)

Dr. P:  “What comes to mind to me is Boundaries., boundaries are so important. It’s not just for the business relationship it’s also for your personal relationship. We have to have boundaries. If you want to stay focused on what we need to do, we have to have boundaries. You really have to understand where your boundaries are, and not everybody gets boundaries…”

This response absolutely floored us, here’s why. It’s all well and good to have a system for tracking when to call or email someone, or to send out a mailer. Keeping notes is important and tracking buying decisions matters. All of these things are ancillary to 1 primary law of business and communication. Both you and your clients/prospects need to have very defined and understood boundaries in what is acceptable and what is not. Without those boundaries, you will never be successful in your relationship with someone whether it’s business, personal, or both. So far all of you out there thinking of ‘x, y, z CRM’ let’s not forget where the rubber meets the road. Communication, respect, and boundaries between two human beings!

For more insight from Dr. P, you can check out the rest of our podcaster here! Being Schooled by Dr. P, Will Get You Psyched Up ~ Episode 25

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