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Ever go out of your way to make sure you won’t see someone, or won’t have to speak to them?  Or maybe you’ve been in a situation where you bit your tongue and didn’t’ speak your mind.  Perhaps you’ve chosen not to share your opinion or feelings so as not to rock the boat or cause waves.  

Why are we so quick to avoid certain things that make us uncomfortable?  

We asked our recent podcast guest, Nicole Vernon, your Real Estate Chick here in South Florida about her journey and why it took so long to jump into the world of running her own real estate business.  Here’ what she had to share.

JB:  Before you chose this route, what about being an entrepreneur turned you off so much in the past, was it panic?  Anxiety?  Something else?

Nicole:  It’s fear. It’s fear of the unknown. It’s fear of where is the money going to come from? It’s fear of, can I motivate myself? Am I a self-starter? It’s limiting belief, it’s everything. It’s the brain, the brain really is a complex thing, but if you can control your thoughts and get out of your head and get out of your own way, you have really mastered  {…} the basics.

There’s two takeaways here that really stand out to us.

We use avoidance to protect ourselves from something we fear.  Some things we should fear, this is not always an unhealthy response or behavior.  It can be an effective and powerful tool to protect us.  Don’t want to get in a car accident and you’re afraid of driving at high speeds, perhaps it’s best for you to avoid the highway (and best for everyone else as well).  Avoidance can be beneficial.  It’s when avoidance inhibits us from achieving our dreams and when we create fear from the unknown that can really push us into our security blankets and away from success that we run into trouble.

The second take away is we can acknowledge our fear.  We can respect that we have fear and it’s there and it’s a natural emotion.  What we cannot do is allow ourselves to succumb to our fear without really  pausing and determining:  is my fear justified?  Is it based on reality?  What really are the true consequences.  The fact is, rarely does the reality of a situation equal the monstrosity we make of it in our minds.  In other words, are fears are often much greater than what we experience in real life.  Ask anyone who has spent some time on a stage presenting and they’ll share the same sentiment.  We all have the ability to control our minds and control our fears.  We do this by determining carefully what is an acceptable risk and outcome and should we be avoiding this or should we be stepping outside of our comfort zone. 

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