What’s your favorite position? Erm, favorite positioning.


In a recent podcast Doc and I explored common mistakes and best practices when it comes to positioning.

Here are 3 quick hits to remember anytime you have a chance to position your services.

  1. It’s not about you.  Never start off positioning about yourself.  People do this all the time.  It seems simple, and it is.  Oftentimes the simplest things are the hardest to do consistently.  Frame it from your client’s perspective.  It’s not about +you, it’s about them!  Stop talking about yourself and start talking about what problems your clients have that need to be solved.
  2. Hyper focus on your client’s needs.  Know your client better than anyone else.  Know exactly who your ideal 1,2 or 3 clients or customer avatars are and what problems they have.  You’re solving their problems with a unique solution.  Positioning is built around their problem.  You are unique, the first way to show this is to show you understand what is keeping your clients up at night!
  3. Listen to your clients.  Be prepared to communicate that you understand your clients pain in terms they understand.  In other words, double – click on your clients needs, get confirmation and affirmation from the client.  Use common language they understand and address the meat of their need, you should not be in the weeds.  This is how we show clients that we are listening.  Client’s will listen when they know you care and you are listening and understand THEM.

These are simple and incredibly powerful tips to take your positioning to a level that few entrepreneurs and service professionals ever really achieve.

PS:  Next time you’re listening to someone speak about what they do.  Catch how many times they talk about themselves versus how often they refer to their client’s needs.  You’ll be shocked at how many people fail to really position themselves well.  Failure to plan for positioning is the fastest way to lose a sale before you even have a shot at getting a sale!

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