How to Crush Your New Year’s Goals!

How to Crush Your New Year’s Goals!

Most of us want to have a better year next year than we did this year. Even if we had the greatest year ever, it’s natural to desire more and aim higher. To help all of you out there looking to crush your new year’s goals, we have 3 very easy to follow tips in the blog below. Check it out!

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Don’t Set Resolutions

Resolutions are broad, grand gestures, that fail for almost everyone. Goals are specific actions you can recommit on every single day. Resolutions do not work and there is a boat load of evidence to prove it. Goals, when put in place are shown to be highly effective. This year, don’t bother setting a resolution, set yourself goals.

Get Started Today

The very best goals shouldn’t wait. Put them in place and get started on them today. If you’re reading this on publication, that means you’ll have a full week of 2022 to get a head start on your 2023 goals. Ever been in a race with someone that got a head start? It’s a whole lot easier for the person with the head start to win. You can be that person by getting moving on your goals right now.

Small Goals Win

Ever heard of the BHAG? Big, hairy, audacious goals? Love the idea, in theory. But in practice, it’s the small goals that win every time. Win a minute you can win an hour. Win an hour and you can win the day. Win the day, the week falls into place. So on and so forth. Small goals are easily attainable, provide excitement, energy and traction and our brains are designed to want something now. Feed your brain what it wants, and it’ll be a lot easier to achieve those great things you have in mind.

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