How to Know When To Make Changes

Our lives are dynamic and constantly evolving. So are our businesses. At times, change comes to us and at other times we need to make the changes ourselves. So how do we know when to make changes? In this week’s blog we discuss some signs that will help you know when it’s time to make a change.

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You’re Bored

Given enough time and with enough repetition it’s common to start feeling bored. This is a good sign that we have stopped growing and developing and it’s our soul’s method of letting us know it may be time to make a change. Just make sure you’re not jumping the gun with this one. Some boredom is natural and it’s very helpful for the creative spirit.

You’re Doing Things You Don’t Want To

Sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we look around and realize we’re doing a lot of things we don’t want to be doing. If this is the case, it’s a great sign to take stock and decide what changes we can make. Consistently doing things we don’t want to do is both draining and ineffective. Put energy into the things that bring joy, growth, and satisfaction.

Another Part of Your Life Ended

When change comes into one aspect of our life it can be a great inflection point for us to make changes in other parts of our lives. If something in your life has come to a natural end it may be a good idea to make changes in other parts of your life. We can use the disruption as a launching pad for something new!

How do you know it’s time to make a change?

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