Implementing Regular Reviews

One of the most common opportunities that professionals can take advantage of more consistent and effective reviews. If you’re wondering why we are talking about reviews in the first week of January, it’s because we set our sights on moving forward in the start of the year but the best way to keep that momentum going is to also look back on a regular basis. Today we wanted to offer a way to implement effective, regular reviews.

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Calendar It

The best way to implement a review strategy is to put it on the calendar. We recommend at least 1 review day per quarter, or two full days for the first 6 months. This needs to be a blocked day in the calendar the same way you’d treat a vacation. Block it and do NOT make the mistake of booking anything during that day.

Know Your KPIs

Key Performance Indicators are exactly what they suggest. Make sure that your review includes the activities that are most important to the growth of your business. If you don’t know these already then take a step back and consider what activity really leads to your goals and put something in place that allows you to track it.


When we move forward it’s rarely in a straight line. Implementing a regular review means recognizing where we have lost track of our true north. It happens to all professionals and is a top reason it takes longer to achieve goals than we think. Reviews are like pulling out a compass and making sure we are moving in the direction we want to. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to find ourselves off track!

How do you implement reviews?

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