How to Maximize Sales

How to Maximize Sales

It’s exciting and supposed to be actionable when we talk about language to use in sales. It’s incredibly popular to find clips on the right language to use or the words that will be most persuasive. But…What if we said that this is the wrong place to spend your time and energy in sales? That the language you use in sales is the least effective place to grow. What if, instead, we focused our time and energy on the part of sales that led to massive increases in production and didn’t just play on the margins? Chance are you’d see spikes of improvement on a regular basis. Today we’ll discuss where to place your time and energy to maximize your sales.

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Focus on Prep

Most professionals without a serious background in sales misunderstand how important the prep work is to a sales meeting. Sales preparation means being personally prepared from more than a technical standpoint. It means being emotionally and mentally ready to have a sales conversation and to help problem solve for someone. It means fully understanding the most common problems and needs people have but also working towards a clear understanding of the type of person you’re meeting with. Prep time might include searching social media profiles, reviewing website details if it’s a business and mentally preparing ourselves for the meeting.

Follow Up is Money

After the sales meeting is more important than the meeting itself and the changes, we make to our post meeting routine and process will have way more impact than any language changes we try to put in place. Having a strong follow up routine that we follow consistently is a priority for any sales professional. This means taking an additional 10-20 minutes after EVERY MEETING simply to review notes, cement details and enact whatever plan you have in place to continue your client’s journey. To meet and forget is to fail. The biggest mistake I see professionals make? Back to back meetings with no time to implement follow up.

Where do you think you can have the greatest impact?

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