How to Turn Failure Into Success

How to Turn Failure Into Success

Many service professionals struggle with failure and have been conditioned to view failure as a negative. Failure is neither negative nor positive. It’s a result we choose to view and interpret as negative, positive or neutral. What if I told you we could choose how we view failure and completely change our outlook on failure. Turning failure into success means boosting confidence, building resilience and achieving greater success.

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Failure Means Different Results

When we set out to do something we have results in mind we’d like to see. Failure simply means we have seen different results than we had hoped for. It is a different result than expected. This isn’t a good or bad thing, it’s only a result. How we view that result is another matter. By viewing the result as an opportunity to gather data and learn we can reframe failure from a negative or a fault into a learning opportunity.

Failure Should Be Celebrated

Great salespeople know that it takes 9 No’s to get to a Yes. Yet we often beat ourselves up over failure. Failure means we’re trying. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate our efforts and growth

Results Are Secondary

Implementing a solid process, being consistent, resilient, and showing up repeatedly. This is what we should focus on and where our efforts should go. The results will come if put our attention and focus on the process. Shifting your mindset this way will help you minimize the impact failure has on your attitude. We call this a growth mindset.

How do you like to turn failure into success?

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