Signs that isolation is impacting your business

Isolation for business owners means constantly carrying the weight of making the most important decisions for your business. It means decision making without outside perspective and input and it means often dealing with feelings of loneliness. Isolation can have serious consequences on business owners and is an important challenge many owners need to overcome. Here are some signs that you may be dealing with the impact of isolation on your business.

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Isolation: the most common signs

One of the most common signs of isolation will be difficulty in decision making. Knowing that the decisions we make as owners can have enormous consequences on our businesses, our lives and our employees makes many decisions feel critical. If you begin to struggle with making decisions you may be feeling the impact of isolation. Overthinking and ruminating are two clear indications that you may be dealing with isolation.

Another common sign of isolation is burnout and emotional exhaustion. Chances are you started your business with some level of excitement and engagement. If you feel like that has eroded or disappeared entirely it may be due to emotional exhaustion. When we don’t feel we have a support system and are constantly dealing with stress and pressure we can see a serious drop in enthusiasm for our business. Feeling emotionally drained where you used to be excited is a symptom of emotional exhaustion.

The last sign of isolation to keep an eye out for is increased stress and anxiety. Although this can be difficult to identify and may be symptoms of many different challenges it’s important to stay self-aware as business owners. Chronic stress and anxiety are signs that isolation may be wreaking havoc on your business and elevating the challenges of an already difficult situation.

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How do you deal with isolation?

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