Keys to Resiliency in Business and Sales

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - Keys to Resiliency in Business and Sales

Almost all of us sell. If it’s not actively selling a product or a service, it certainly may be to persuade or shift someone’s decisions or behaviors. Don’t believe me? Next time you care about where you eat or how you spend your free time with family or friends, pay attention to how the interaction plays out. Either you or whomever you were planning with sold or were sold on the decision. To persuade is to sell and to persuade is human and natural. To effectively sell, we must be resilient. We’ll talk about some of the keys to resiliency in business and sales today.

Key 1: It’s not about you…

Seriously. It’s easy to get technical and focus on specific words, phrases, what people respond well to or not. That’s also important. But not as important as remembering that to persuade and to sell is all about the other person. Why would THEY want to do whatever you’re asking of them? When it comes to resiliency and rejection this is one of the most important things to remember! If you’re rejected, if you get a no, it’s not about you. Is this true all of the time? No it’s not true all of the time. It is true most of the time. Often it has nothing to do with you and you end up putting that on yourself. So our key here? It’s not about you so it’s time to stop making it personal.

Key 2: No has a short half-life…

No is a temporary status. It’s a moment in time. A specific point of rejection based in the present and just as quickly gone as we move forward to the future. We don’t intend to get all metaphysical and it is important to remember that a no in the present is based off of circumstances that will be different in the future, guaranteed. Because life is never static and it’s always changing. It’s easier to be resilient about the ‘no’ when you remember that. One of the best keys to being resilient in business and in sales is to understand that a no in this moment can be a yes in tomorrow’s moment.

Key 3: Everyone has a problem to solve…

Yep, you read it right. We all have problems to solve. Nobody’s life is perfect, and nobody is eternally happy. Every day life throws at us new challenges, problems, and issues. Some of these are short lived and others are monster issues we need to devote time and energy to solving. Often, when it comes to rejection and developing resiliency it’s helpful to remember that whatever we are offering helps someone solve a problem. It’s a belief and an intimate conviction that what you’re offering is of true value and service for someone else. Failure to keep up this conviction is a certain way to undermine your own personal credibility. Success at reminding ourselves of this conviction leads to sky high levels of resiliency. So how do you apply this when you’re facing rejection? Remember that not everyone is your ideal audience! Not everyone is putting the same weight on the issue that you perceive it to carry (see key 1). Not everyone is ready in the moment (see key 2). Find the right people with the right problem at the right time and you’ll have greater success. We need resiliency when we are looking for the ideal clients we serve and/or are speaking to someone who isn’t a true ideal client.

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