The Benefits of Maximizing Connections and Why We Don’t

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab Podcast - Maximizing Connections

Maximizing connections is about building a deeper, more meaningful relationship with those around us and creates a level of trust and a rooted desire to give back and care for one another.

If you google maximizing connections there’s about a dozen articles around HOW TO build a connection.  Most of us already know how to do this, we learn it at a very young age.  We simply choose NOT to do it.  In this blog we’ll explore the primary benefits of maximizing connections and the most common reason we see people avoid it.  The how to, we’ll let the other articles rehash.

The benefits of maximizing our connections with other people are significant.  A deeper connection establishes intimacy and trust and invites someone into our inner circle or sanctum.  In other words, they become like family.  They know and we know that we have each other’s backs.  It’s like that old saying, “a good friend will bail you out of jail, a great friend will be sitting right beside you.”

With increased levels of intimacy and trust comes a bond we rarely see in most of our connections with people today.  It’s a level of familiarity and community that allows us to open ourselves up to give and receive.  

Business, it turns out, is not very different than the rest of life.  We spend time, care for and take care of the people we like better than the people we don’t like.  The more someone knows you, the more they will feel deeply for you, because they can trust you and that leads to better results in the relationship and the benefits of the relationship.  That means more resources, business, referrals, time, energy, grace, understanding and defense!  All pretty awesome things to have!

Likewise the more you know someone the more you’ll be willing to ‘go to bat’ for them.

Maximizing our connections to people means we GET MORE!

If we recognize this, then how come we don’t establish deeper connections with other people?

We believe the primary reason is vulnerability.  Maximizing our connections with people requires making ourselves vulnerable and we have thousands of years of evolution protecting ourselves from becoming vulnerable.  It takes time, effort, energy and some risk to make ourselves vulnerable and it’s incredibly difficult to do.  Yet, like many things in life, the difficult thing to do are relatively simple.  By making yourself vulnerable in front of someone, you open the doors to a part of you that is more intimate.  You establish trust and you offer an olive branch to the person across from you.  This in turn creates a comfort and familiarity that allows them to be more open and vulnerable with you!  It becomes a growing pattern, a Fibonacci sequence, of greater and greater trust, down to the most intimate parts of ourselves. 

Beyond vulnerability, maximizing connections requires, time, energy and a sacrifice.  It means putting someone ahead of ourselves.  Selflessness is hard, sacrifice is hard.  Easier to never make real connections, right?  Of course, It is!  Great results never come easy, neither do great connections!

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