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Reflection is important and It’s the time of year when we naturally pause to reflect.  For our blog today we took a look back at the last 12 months’ worth of weekly blogs to pick some of our favorites, in no specific order!  We can attribute many of these to podcast guests.  Where possible we’ve included the names and businesses of the professionals that directly influenced our blogs!

We also included the links to the individual blog articles and our podcast if you’d like to listen to these conversations.


Masters of Improv – the balance of being deliberate and thinking on your feet

Influenced by Jonathan Garber of Flying Chimp Media

“Most of us, when we build out presentations and practice our messaging, do so in a ‘sterile’ environment. Sterile, meaning, an environment very much set up for us to succeed. We’ll likely practice in a quiet spot. We’ll practice what we’re going to say and how we’re going to say it. We’ll practice (if we’re smart) enough to be able to work out what cadence we’d like to use, what words we’ll emphasize and the points that are most important to make. Overall, our practice will be structured in a bubble.

Funny enough, reality doesn’t operate in a bubble and it’s rarely as structured as we’d like. Reality is dirty, not sterile. It’s loud. It’s uncertain. How we’ll start, who is sitting down, who is listening, who is distracted, where we will stand, will we have our resources, will the technology work….dirty, dirty, dirty. There’s a number of variables that will come into play.”

Read here: Masters of Improv

Listen here: What does Ross Geller, Black Panther and Jonathan Garber Have in Common? ~ Episode 51


The Influence of Mindset

Influenced by Suzanne Taylor of Taylord Consulting

“…the power of thought is so strong that even something you carry expertise in can be cast into doubt with the smallest of questions. Have you ever been asked a question about something you at any other time would be 100% positive about? Something you knew so certainly that you’d bet your life on it? Then all of a sudden, that certainty is questioned and now you’re doubting your own knowledge that you would have bet your life on at another time.

This happens to people all of the time. It’s perfectly natural and it’s also perfectly indicative of how strongly our thoughts influence who we are. Are we an expert, or are we a fraud? Do we know this for certain, or do we doubt our own expertise?”

Read here: The Influence of Mindset

Listen here: We‘re Positive that You‘ll Connect with our Convo w/ Suzanne Taylor-King


Ready Set Action

“Action should never be taken without regard to direction. To say that another way – we believe in thoughtful, intentional, deliberate action. You won’t always choose the best action, but we’d rather have you going 100 mph in any direction vs 0 mph in no direction. Movement requires inertia and inertia requires energy. It takes much less energy to shift direction than it does to get moving.”

Read here: Ready, Set, Action

Listen here: Ready, Set, ACTION! ~ Episode 31


Setting Goals – Insight from Genesis Games

Influenced by Genesis Games of Healing Connections

“Big goals, big hairy goals,  big hairy audacious goals.  Smart goals.  Specific goals.  Specific and measurable goals.  Specific and measurable goals that are actionable.  OH MY GOSH.  Cut it out.  It’s too much.  Break all of this down into an end vision and small simple steps that will get you there.  Keep your eyes on the individual steps and work backwards from your vision and you’ll achieve your goals.  It’s that simple.  Not smart, not bhag, not the longest mouthful of words and acronyms possible.”

Read here: Setting Goals – Insight from Genesis Games

Listen here: G’s to a Great relationship: Goodness, Goals and Genesis Games ~ Episode 22


What Keeps You Up At Night

Influenced by Barbara Flynn of People First

“We can never be risk free in any aspect of our lives and certainly not in our businesses. Good leaders and entrepreneurs will make risk – adjusted decisions.  They’ll try to figure out what level of comfort they have for risk as well as their ability to manage to that risk.  Risk always comes down not just to tolerance levels, but also to capacity.  Can I afford to take the risk, even if I’m comfortable with it.  A risk that could put your business out of business for example, you may be comfortable with taking, but your business does not likely have the capacity to take that level of risk!”

Read here: What Keeps You Up At Night

Listen here: Risky Business? Not with Barbara Flynn ~ Episode 34

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