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There’s a lot of topics the Doc and I consider that falls into the space between the black and white, where there is no one right way to do something. In the case of resolutions, we have a rare instance where both of us agree, they just don’t work. We’ll write that again. Resolutions don’t work. The science backs us up. Only 19% of people will successfully achieve a resolution. Within the first month, 64% of people will fail. By the end of 6 weeks or 42 days, 80% will have failed. Why don’t resolutions work? Lot of reasons, the most common being:

  • They are unrealistic
  • We don’t have the tools to succeed in place
  • We fail to track

It’s why we believe in the anti-resolution. The anti-resolution is a belief that we need to have a strong vision, clear goals, and a commitment to disrupt the patterns in our lives and make small changes to our behaviors every day. The anti-resolution is not a one-day choice to make an extreme change to our lifestyle. The anti-resolution is a daily commitment and a journey that occurs every day throughout the year.

To solve for this, we place our belief in the anti-resolution. The anti-resolution is built on the basis of our values. We value small incremental changes to modify behavior. We value small disruptions to our daily lives. We value repeating good behaviors and rewarding them regularly, in new and unique ways. We value the journey and the daily acknowledgement of growth, success AND failure.

If you’re looking to make dramatic changes in your life and are sick and tired of your resolutions failing, here’s our best guidance for you!

1. Review your behaviors and what you want to change about yourself. Understand what it is you want to change and WHY it’s important for you to make that change. Make it a daily goal.

2. Commit to yourself to work towards making that change. Commit to hardening your resolve and facing the challenge on good days and bad. Commit to failing and still working towards that change.

3. Share that goal with your support system. Don’t have a support system? That’s ok, join us in the Entrepreneur Mastery Lab and we or someone we know will step up and be there for you to help support you and keep you on track, on the good days and the bad!

4. Disrupt the behavior you want to change. Eliminating our autopilot and breaking our patterns is an essential step in the process. Small disruptions work best for a long journey. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

5. Expect to fail and embrace it. Failure is part of the journey. If you didn’t fail, you probably didn’t change either. Accepting our failure and waking up the next morning to go back to disrupting the old patterns and building our new patterns will always be a part of the process.

Remember, a .01 degree change every day will lead to a nearly 38 degree change over the course of the year.

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