Sales is a numbers game!

Sales is a numbers game!

Salespeople are made they aren’t born. Studies have suggested that less than 1 out of 10 people are naturally born salespeople. The rest of us, we are taught, we learn, we grow and we build ourselves into salespeople. What, you’re not a salesperson you say? The numbers disagree. 43% of EVERYONE’S work is sales related, no matter how far away from the sales process you think you are. Today we’re going to look at what numbers really matter to be great at sales!

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The first sales number that matters

How much are you investing in yourself? This is probably not what you’re thinking but it’s a fundamental misunderstanding around sales. Salespeople don’t need a college degree, they don’t need experience. Heck, most entry level jobs are sales related. Yet sales are the key to a business’s success. Most of us have no formal education in sales, so I’ll ask it another way. If you went to school and spent tens of thousands of dollars to become technically qualified to do something, how much have you invested in your sales development? $0? $1,000? $10,000? This is the first number that matters. Treat sales like any other profession and start investing in yourself!

The second sales number that matters

The number of no’s you get! It’s not the number of Yes’s that you get. It’s the number of No’s. Rejection is real in sales so we need to do whatever we can to turn something deflating into something exciting. How many no’s does it take to get to a yes. Focus on that and you’ll find yourself much more successful at navigating the psychological toll of being in sales!

That’s it. When it comes to sales, everyone will have a different number to hit. Everyone has a different expectation of what they want to accomplish and what they need to get done. For some of us it’ll focus on how many relationships do you speak to. For others, how many leads did you develop and how many texts did you send. For others still, how many people clicked on our lead magnets or ads. Every other number will be unique to your business or profession.

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