3 Easy Tips to Strengthen Your Communication

3 Easy Tips to Strengthen Your Communication

Communication skills are some of the most important skills we can develop. For many of us, our development of these skills started as children and ended by the time we graduated from school. Yet there are many powerful techniques we can implement that can easily strengthen our communication skills. In this blog we explore 3 easy tips anyone can use to strengthen their communication skills.

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If you want to strengthen your communication skills then check out these great tips that are easy to start using today!

1. Practice Active Listening

Active listening is an incredibly simple concept that anyone can put to practice today. It requires us to pay attention to more than the words that are spoken. We can pay attention to body language, what’s not being said and carefully consider what it is someone is trying to say, not just what they have said, to achieve active listening in our conversations.

2. Reflective Language

Reflective language is a way of responding back to someone that allows us to ensure we understand what they are saying. We can do this through statements or questions. A reflective question or statement confirms if we understood what was being said. Implementing reflective language means we don’t take what someone says at face value, we dig deeper to ensure better comprehension.

3. Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a series of techniques designed to help bring two different viewpoints together. Motivational interviewing can be used to help reframe, to agree with a spin or shift focus onto something to reduce friction. When we communicate with someone and feel like we aren’t getting anywhere this type of communication can be essential to making progress towards a meeting of the minds.

What are some easy tips you suggest to strengthen your communication skills?

Let us know your thoughts, you can email us at info@jbandthedoctor.com!

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