We Had a Senior Moment, Jodi Glacer Took Care of Us

Positioning yourself well in business is essential to your success.  When you think of the word positioning what you should be thinking of is; how will a total stranger perceive me?  What do I want to look like?  It’s almost as if you had the power to change how you look to a stranger, forever.  Want to be the most beautiful person in the room, you can do that.  The most original, get at it!  The fiercest, whoa cowboy/girl take it easy!

Positioning comes in many shades and flavors and it can be accomplished successfully in a number of ways.  In our recent conversation with Senior Care franchisee Jodi Glacer we discussed how education and preparation can position you as an authority and resource for your clients and on a whole other level, the people who are most likely to be in contact with your ideal clients.  This allows you to scale your sales and your business in a truly powerful way!

JB:  Jodi, what you’re doing {…} position yourself as a really powerful resource for your clients and other business people out there, and I think that’s incredibly savvy and not a lot of people are able to do that.  It sounds as if some of the education, some of the pre work you’ve done has really put you in a good position to do so.

Jodi:  In corporate America and the job that I was at the longest, we did a lot of cross-selling {…} so I had that background already were I understood that a large part off being a professional in the sales industry is to be able to know other resources that my clients would need and make those introductions.  So I’ve taken that piece of corporate America to the elder care space and I built relationships with the people who are also service providers in the elder care space for a couple of reasons.  One is that I want to be able to give my clients options when they need that, but also because a large part of my business comes from those other service providers {…} that’s where I get most of my leads for my clients!

For more from our discussion with Jodi you can listen to the rest of our podcast here! We Had a Senior Moment, Jodi Glacer Took Care of Us ~ Episode 28

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