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Nature, by definition, lives in a state of equilibrium, or what we can more easily refer to as balance.  An ecology, without outside stimulus, will always find balance.  Too many deer, for example, and wolves will grow in population, hunt more deer and the deer population will revert back to a balanced level.  Remove the wolves from the ecosystem and all of a sudden nature will run unchecked for a period of time until something else evolves to reduce the deer population.  For example, the food source for the deer might become scarce and starvation will reduce the deer population or force them to relocate.  Given time the ecology will find balance again.

In all things business and entrepreneurship, balance is essential.  Whether you have a family, a business, children, non-profits, hobbies to balance or perhaps you are balancing your own physical, mental and spiritual health along with the hours you’re putting into your business, there is always a need for balance.  At JB and The Doctor we speak to balance often because every service based professional and entrepreneur needs balance in order to pivot.  Without the ability to pivot, you are now looking at a very, very vulnerable business or position to be in, just like a deer facing down a pack of wolves would be.

On our most recent podcast we spoke with Blake Cohen co-founder and partner of Next Level Recovery Associates and we asked him specifically about how having balance benefitted him when opening a business right at the start of Covid in March 2020.

JB:  A lot of entrepreneurship, it’s about finding balance between action and strategy {…} finding that balance is not easy…can you talk about balance a little bit?

Blake:  “There was something I learned early on called emergent strategies, and understanding that there should never be a strategy or a procedure that you have in place that is completely 100% rigid, and you need to have the ability to adapt as you go, on the fly and really trust your instincts, your professional instincts as you’re going to say, Okay, this isn’t working, let’s change right now, let’s try this, let’s try that, and be willing to go through that trial and error process in any given situation to find something that’s going to work.”

We couldn’t agree more, unlike other thought leaders, we don’t believe 10,000 hours of practice leads to success, we believe 10,000 experiments leads to success.  In order to have 10,000 experiments you need to be able to pivot and to pivot you need balance.  If you’re a service based professional and entrepreneur and you have balance, congratulations, you’re a wolf!  Lacking balance, you might just be a deer caught in the headlights.  To hear more of our interview with Blake Cohen you can listen in here.

Blake Cohen


For help with balance, entrepreneurship mastery, and becoming the wolf, you can take a closer look at our 2 on 1 and group coaching here!

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