Maintain Momentum by Writing Down Your Why

Maintain Moment by Writing Down Your Why

Momentum is an incredible thing. It makes achieving our goals easy! Seriously, who struggles to do something they are excited and passionate about? Absolutely no one, that’s who! When we struggle is at the point that we lose our passion and excitement. When we get knocked off track, our momentum is halted and we have to force ourselves to continue. That’s when grit kicks in. Grit is great but we prefer not to have to rely on grit until we absolutely must. We’d rather maintain momentum. If you want to maintain momentum one of the best ideas is to write down your ‘why’ and have it in front of you.

Before you grab your pen and paper...

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Why Write It

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Pen to paper remains one of the most effective ways for many of us to solidify something in memory. By writing down our why we’re forced not only to physically do something, but we also need to put thought into what we’re really trying to say. This practice forces us to really dig into our why and get to the true core of what’s important to us.

What Having It in Front of You Does

We’re going to lose steam. This is not an if, it’s a when. When we do, by having our ‘why’ immediately accessible and in front of us is going to be a trigger that brings us back to some of our original passion, excitement, and discomfort. All 3 of these emotions are great kick starters to taking action and regaining our momentum.

It Creates Forced Perspective

One of the most difficult challenges with goals is it can often feel like we’re not making progress. Having our why in front of us regularly forces us to take a look at what we’ve done. It drags our mind back through the work and the gains and the steps we have taken. In other words, it forces us to create perspective and get out of the mindset that we aren’t making progress. This is a powerful tool.

Do you write down your ‘why’?

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