How To Become More Vulnerable

How To Become More Vulnerable

Vulnerability is shown to develop stronger relationships. Those of us that can practice vulnerability are able to overcome our bodies natural physiological response to the risk of opening ourselves up. Not only does it help develop our relationships with others, it allows us to strengthen the internal relationship we have with ourselves. In this blog we’ll explore some helpful tips that make us more comfortable with being vulnerable.

Before we open up about vulnerability...

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Be Brave

It might sound silly, but vulnerability requires us to be brave. We’re doing something that leaves us open to attack and judgement and that’s not easy. If you’re struggling to be vulnerable, find some small ways you can be brave. Take it one small step at a time and given some consistency you’ll see great progress towards overcoming the fear and anxiety that often come from being vulnerable.

Be Selective

If vulnerability is something you struggle with then there are some great people to be vulnerable with and there are…others. By being selective with whom we share our vulnerability with we can help protect ourselves from our primary concerns and anxiety. Finding someone who is already able to express their emotions, is non-judgmental, and simply listens is a great starting point for being vulnerable.

Practice Self Awareness

Vulnerability requires us to be able to express our emotions, yet for many of us, understanding our emotions isn’t easy. Practicing self-awareness and becoming more aware of your emotions is an essential requirement to successfully developing comfort with vulnerability. Take stock in your emotions when you feel yourself reacting. Remember, feelings are often describe with a single word such as: anxious, attacked, defensive, scared, courageous, happy, sad, etc.

How do you get vulnerable?

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