JB and The Doctor


Fear gets a bad reputation.  For years, especially among men, there has been a belief that we shouldn’t feel fear.  Men should be brave, bold, and courageous.  As young men, boys were taught that fear is a trait of the weak and indicates softness.  Fortunately, as men, we’ve been witness to a tremendous amount of …


What keeps you up at night?

Every business owner knows the feeling.  The tossing, the turning.  Your brain won’t stop.  There’s a problem, an issue, some sort of pain point that is gnawing at your belly and driving your anxiety through the roof! Sound familiar?  Of course it does.  Whether you have something right this moment you’re wrestling with or had …

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Who say’s 5 G is all the rage, 4G is here to stay! On our most recent podcast we interviewed Nicole Golemi of Alison South Marketing and talked about one of core beliefs in the Be RICH mindset, helping others.

Ready Set ACTION

In our most recent podcast JB and the Doctor discuss action vs inaction. In a salute to pseudo-science JB described inaction as the smart move sometimes and referenced the scene from Jurassic park where standing still insured you wouldn’t get eaten. Generally, the Doctor prefers to use a more scientific approach than a blockbuster movie …

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What’s your favorite position? Erm, favorite positioning.

In a recent podcast Doc and I explored common mistakes and best practices when it comes to positioning. Here are 3 quick hits to remember anytime you have a chance to position your services. It’s not about you.  Never start off positioning about yourself.  People do this all the time.  It seems simple, and it …

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Taking Recovery and Entrepreneurship to the Next Level

Nature, by definition, lives in a state of equilibrium, or what we can more easily refer to as balance.  An ecology, without outside stimulus, will always find balance.  Too many deer, for example, and wolves will grow in population, hunt more deer and the deer population will revert back to a balanced level.  Remove the …

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