Eliminate overwork by setting boundaries

Overwork is pervasive and often ignored for the sake of achieving our business goals as owners. It’s incumbent upon us to recognize overwork and minimize it. If we fail to, we and our business can suffer devastating consequences. Too often we have seen examples of owners and professionals working themselves into poor health and ultimately

Managing emotion during the final push

Managing your emotions during the final push

With the 4th quarter comes a bevy of emotional changes that we are, for the most part, incapable of avoiding. Between holidays, weather and time changes and the final push in business through the end of the year we are confronted with a confluence of potential emotional disruptors. For our businesses sake and our sanity

How to quickly ID distractions

It’s understandable to get distracted. Most distractions either come in the form of something incredibly urgent or in the shape of an amazing opportunity. So why wouldn’t we be drawn to something that is screaming danger or tantalizing us with its value. Yet, as is often the case, when we lose focus of our priorities

How to Turn Failure Into Success

How to Turn Failure Into Success

Many service professionals struggle with failure and have been conditioned to view failure as a negative. Failure is neither negative nor positive. It’s a result we choose to view and interpret as negative, positive or neutral. What if I told you we could choose how we view failure and completely change our outlook on failure.

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3 Reasons to Use Acting in Business

We hear a lot about authenticity, and we are big believers in being yourself. However, there are instances where we need to act, or play a role in our business to be successful. That is not just, ok, we should embrace it! Here are 3 great reasons to use acting in business! Reason 1: You