3 Clever ways to communicate value and drive more sales

3 Clever ways to communicate value and drive more sales

If sales is the heartbeat of every business then communicating value must be the heart itself. If we fail to communicate our value we’ll struggle to ever get our businesses off the ground or to grow them to the levels that we desire. Communicating value is an absolutely critical skill for business success. In this

Key elements in storytelling

Key elements in storytelling

Mastering the art of storytelling does not come naturally to many people. Thankfully there are some common elements that are universal in most good stories. These same elements can be incorporated to provide your business and brand with the ‘wow’ factor that you need to stand apart! Want to be the hero in your story

Communicating certainty – how setting expectations creates peace of mind

Trust and peace of mind are critical ingredients to any client or prospect relationship. Peace of mind may be the ultimate benefit of implementing strategies and solutions and we commonly find as a top response from any individuals we work with. In order to create peace of mind and fast track building out trust, setting

Language that moves people to take action

Getting clients to take action is one of the most difficult aspects of being a professional advisor or, truly, most businesses. Very few clients are at the point of action and decision making to begin with and so it’s incredibly important to speak to them in a way that is most effective. This, of course,

3 Easy Tips to Strengthen Your Communication

3 Easy Tips to Strengthen Your Communication

Communication skills are some of the most important skills we can develop. For many of us, our development of these skills started as children and ended by the time we graduated from school. Yet there are many powerful techniques we can implement that can easily strengthen our communication skills. In this blog we explore 3

Soft Skills: The Future Determinant of Success in an AI world

Soft Skills: The Future Determinant of Success in an AI world

While we’ve been promoting the importance of soft skills for years and there have been plenty of studies that substantiate the benefit of soft skill development, today soft skills are the most investment you can make into yourself and your business. Why? What if we told you that AI is going to transform the way

Active Listening

What is Active Listening and How to Use It!

“‘We have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately.” – Anonymous Some wisdom holds true over time better than others. Some of the best advice I’ve heard about being in sales is ‘shut up,’ or something similar. The reason for this is, most of the time when we talk, we learn nothing. When we

Why It’s Important to Address Failure Directly

Failure is inevitable and it’s not a bad thing. We look at failure as a negative and yet, in the grand experiment that is life and business, failure is an absolute certainty. Everyone experiences failure and it’s often the best learning experience for us. Failure can be the best teacher and should be embraced. In

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - Tips to create a positive culture

Tips to create a positive culture

I’ve never met a business owner that wanted to lead a poor or weak team culture. Yet so many businesses are run with cultures that are far from effective. A bad culture can lead to turnover, HR nightmares, lost revenue, and the demise of a business. With that in mind we thought we’d drop you

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab

Top Tips To Excel At Active Listening

To listen means we hear the words that are being said to us. To actively listen means we hear the words, the meaning of the words and we seek to understand the why behind the words as well. It’s like the difference between seeing a photo of a mountain and being in the mountains. Photos