3 challenges that make business owners feel like they have ADHD

3 challenges that make business owners feel like they have ADHD

Nearly 5% of children and adults struggle with ADHD. While nobody knows the cause of ADHD the symptoms can range from being unable to concentrate on tasks to hasty decision making and numerous others. ADHD is a serious mental health issue that we are in no way minimizing. Our goal is to compare how business owners may struggle with similar challenges that are commonly experienced by individuals with ADHD and to draw attention to the complex mental wellness challenges that individuals and owners face.

Do you struggle at times in your business?

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Trouble Focusing

Many business owners struggle to focus on the most important priorities in their business. Business owners with busy schedules and multiple projects may find themselves flipping between activities and projects frequently without often stopping to consider the importance and urgency of each task and project. When struggling with focus it’s important to carve out time to properly plan and prioritize. Find a quiet place to review all of the moving pieces. If you struggle to do this on your own it can be helpful to bring on an outside coach or consultant to help with the work.


Impulse control can be something that many individuals struggle with and business owners are no different. Whether it’s hiring, investing resources, or launching new products it’s easy to ‘chase the squirrel’ AKA fall victim to distractions from your primary goals. To minimize impulsivity in business it may make sense to have a detailed business plan to fall back on or a board of advisors to help you identify when you are straying from your original intentions.


Staying organized, remembering appointments and deadlines, keeping neat workspaces free of clutter can be a serious struggle for owners. We strongly recommend outsourcing, delegating and automating whenever possible to minimize the impact of struggling with organization. By implementing all 3 of these concepts into your business you can reduce some of the overload that business owners commonly experience and help remain better organized.

How do you deal with some of these symptoms?

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