3 Clever ways to communicate value and drive more sales

3 Clever ways to communicate value and drive more sales

If sales is the heartbeat of every business then communicating value must be the heart itself. If we fail to communicate our value we’ll struggle to ever get our businesses off the ground or to grow them to the levels that we desire. Communicating value is an absolutely critical skill for business success. In this blog we’ll discuss 3 clever ways you can better communicate value and drive more sales.

Does value matter to you?

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People love being a part of something greater than themselves. People especially love being a part of something exclusive. When communicating your offering or services you can level up your sales with the clever technique of making something exclusive. This will naturally drive people to want to be a part of something and speak about it on your behalf too, after all, nobody wants to keep it a secret!

Case Studies

We are naturally drawn to stories because it allows us to feel what someone else is feeling and experience their journey first hand. Case studies are clever vehicles to create different profiles for different people that they can immediately resonate with. Case studies are like storytelling on steroids because you can cater different case studies specifically to the challenges and problems your clients have. A great case study will highlight the pain point that is specific to your client and allow you to really speak to what is bothering them most!

Value Ladders

Not everyone can afford your services or products, and that’s ok. But often people can afford and choose not to. An effective way to communicate your value is to offer multiple products and services on a ladder. The ladder starts with low cost solutions and increases to your highest cost offerings. By doing this you’ll offer you prospects flexibility and anchor your pricing to a high and low point!

How do you communicate your value?

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