Help I’m self-sabotaging! Tips to eliminate self sabotage

Whether we admit it or not self sabotage is real and happens more frequently than we might estimate. What’s worse is the impact of self sabotage may be much greater than we can imagine. Self sabotage happens to the best of us whether it shows up as imposter syndrome or poor goal setting or any other ways (check our weekly newsletter). In this blog we’ll discuss how you can eliminate self sabotage if you’re aware that you’re doing it!

Concerned about self sabotage?

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Practice Self Care

If you haven’t heard the Doc mention it before you should revisit any number of our podcasts in which the Doc discusses in detail the challenges most of us face around self-care. The truth is bleak, 90% of all hospital visits are stress related and easily avoidable if we simply practiced better self care. In today’s hustle culture it can be difficult to step back and take care of yourself but the health benefits both physically and mentally are enormous. Step one to help eliminate self sabotage? Take care of yourself!


While there are many different types of meditation and a number of benefits that are derived from mindfulness, perhaps the greatest benefit we can receive today is being more present. Being present is something that we are becoming worse at, culturally, and while it’s impact is yet to be felt you can see it in the dynamics between people. Meditation can help improve our ability to be present and also help us identify when we’re being hyper-critical or getting stuck in self-defeating loops (yes these exist). Step two to help eliminate self sabotage? Get better at being present!

Emphasize Self Compassion

Empathy is a topic that has rapidly become popularized because of its importance in leadership, working in teams and in overall communication. Much of our empathy emphasis is on other people and yet we often fail to have empathy for ourselves. Self compassion isn’t nearly as popularized as empathy but it might be equally as important for many of us that are most critical of ourselves. If you wouldn’t critique a partner, friend, co-worker or employee as heavily as you critique yourself you might benefit from a little more self compassion. Step 3 to overcoming self sabotage? Give yourself a break!

How do you deal with self sabotage?

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