How to run an effective mid-year review

How to run an effective mid-year review

The halfway point of the year is an inflection point in our professional success. It represents a fantastic opportunity to review our wins and misses through the first two quarters and reflect on whether we’re on track to reach our goals, within reach of them or if we may need to hit reset on our expectations. With that in mind we wanted to offer a few tips on how to run an effective mid-year review for yourself or your team.

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Tips to effectively run a mid-year review

1. Prep

Review your original goals and compile any of the data you need to determine if you’re on track for those goals. It’s also important to carve out the time to review and reflect. We recommend at least 4 hours for the process.

2. Evaluate

When you review your goals and what you have accomplished ask yourself some questions: Where have we seen the most success? Where have we struggled? Where are areas for improvement?

3. Reflect

During the reflection phase you want to check to see what if anything has changed in the marketplace since you set your goals. Have any external or macro changes occurred that require you to update the premise of your assumptions. Are there any personal or personnel changes that have impacted the goals you set in place at the beginning of the year. Be honest with yourself and your team.

4. Revisit

Are your goals still relevant and achievable? Does it make sense to adjust or adapt our goals to reflect changes in our business model or to align with challenges that didn’t previously exist? These are the questions you’ll want to ask to explore if your goals should be changed.

5. Decide

Your goals are either something you’ll stick with, or they are not. Do not be afraid to pivot on your goals. While we, without much information, lean towards staying consistent with your goals, life and business are dynamic and so there are times that are goals must be as well!

6. If necessary, set new goals and strategize

If you decide you need to set new goals, be as hyper realistic as possible in setting them. You’re making changes for a reason, after all. Address for some optimism bias and plan for how shifting your goals can impact the short-term as well as the remainder of the year.

7. Commit

Don’t allow emotion to get in the way of achieving your new goals. Adjusting goals is not a failure, it’s a measured response to changes in your business that need to be implemented. By following the process before you can come to an informed decision and should have the confidence to proceed towards your new goals with gusto. Go get them!

Mid-year reviews are powerful exercises that challenge the status quo and allow you to realign yourself with the true north of your business. Reflection and honesty are key to empowering a great mid-year review. By carving out an appropriate amount of time and addressing shifting market conditions and team conditions in a timely manner you’re setting yourself and your business up for a much stronger second half of the year.

What’s your mid-year review process?

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