3 Ways you can use AI right now to enhance your business

AI is here to stay and to ignore it is the same as burying our heads in the sand. Technology moves fast, but AI feels like it’s moving at a lightning pace compared to traditional technology. In the last 6-8 months we’ve seen AI explode into the mainstream and it’s just getting started. The beautiful thing about AI is because it’s changing so quickly nobody is a true expert at this point. With that in mind, here are 3 ways you can immediately start to use AI to enhance your business.

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If you’re wondering when and where you should be implementing AI here are 3 ideas you can run with right now that will help save you time, leverage your skills and increase your productivity.

1. Get the starting points down

AI makes plenty of mistakes and I’d never trust it (at this stage) to fully execute on something creative, but it can absolutely give you a starting framework or outline to work with. It can also help you generate additional ideas or consider avenues you didn’t think of in the first place. If you’re writing blogs, newsletters or creating any sort of content, it’s a no brainer to use AI to help facilitate the starting points at the very least! This is going to save you serious time in your business.

2. Connect other websites and apps

AI can now – if you’re paying – hook to other websites and apps allowing AI’s like ChatGPT to do more than just answer queries. AI can now search the web and assist you in scheduling. If you’re not already using a virtual assistant, congratulations, for about $20 a month you can begin outsourcing some of the work you’d otherwise be doing. Oh, and if you’re not impressed by the connections to other websites yet, just give it a week or two! What will connecting to other apps ultimately lead to? You guessed it, enormous leverage and more time to focus on what you most enjoy doing.

3. Write code and troubleshoot programs

If you don’t consider yourself a techy and have never in your life thought about code, well here’s a bit of a truth bomb…you don’t need to be anymore. AI has taken the need to be tech savvy and made coding and app development something that ANYONE can get their hands on. Not only will this be a game changer for reducing the cost of developing apps and websites, it’s going to completely change how everyday people interact with technology moving forward!

AI is changing every day, or so it seems. Whatever benefits and challenges it faces today, have no doubt that it will be improving on these very rapidly. If you want to get ahead and one up a tremendous amount of people and competitors, this is a rare opportunity to do so!

What’s your experience with AI been?

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