Am I busy or productive? How to tell the difference!

Am I busy or productive? How to tell the difference!

A lot of us will keep busy but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re being productive. Unfortunately, business can sneak up on us and before we know it, we have shifted from doing productive work to simply doing work and keeping busy. As a professional and entrepreneur, it’s critical that we make sure we are being productive. Here’s how you can tell the difference between being busy and being productive.

This will be productive!

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What is the difference between busy and productive?

Being Busy

Being busy means a lot of your attention, resources and energy are going into tasks and your day is filled with getting things done. However, if these tasks are not helping you fulfill your goals and your vision or worse are merely distractions from what you really need to get done, than you are focusing on tasks that are not going to result in significant progress.

Being Productive

Productivity is all about how effective your efforts are in respect to your goals and your vision. Being productive is all about prioritizing the tasks that will result in the greatest return on your time energy and resources. The amazing thing about productivity is you can spend less time being productive and be closer to your goal as long as your focus is on the right activities.

Here are 3 tips to tell if you’re being busy or productive!

Evaluate your goals and progress

Review your goals and make sure the activity you’re working on will deliver results and bring you closer to your goals. If you can’t draw a clear line between activity and results, then you are likely doing busy work and not being productive.


Take a look at how you’re prioritizing your work. Prioritization is the first step in being productive!


Our time is our most precious asset, yet we rarely treat it that way. Make sure you’re reviewing how you’re spending your time and calendaring out your quarter, month, weeks, and days. We recommend using a project planner to ensure the work you’re doing will help you deliver the results you want!

Are you productive?

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