Business lessons we can learn from the stage

Business lessons we can learn from the stage

Although business and the theater can feel like two totally different arenas there are tremendous lessons we can draw from the theater to business today. In this blog we have compiled a few of the best business lessons we can learn from the stage.

It’s not like we staged this, you know!

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Let’s jump right into some of our top business lessons we have learned from the stage!

1. Timing matters…a lot

In theater, timing is essential to the success of a production. If timing is off it’s like the difference between a comedian telling a joke versus that one person you know. That’s the one, the one with the bad timing and they are the only one laughing at the end of the punchline. On stage, and in business timing is critical to success in our endeavors.

2. Preparation and rehearsal can’t be skipped

One of the most common mistakes I see business people make is lack of preparation and rehearsal. In the theater, nobody dares to step onto stage without spending hours (usually hundreds) preparing for their scenes. Yet, in the business world it’s far too common for people to never spend any significant time preparing or rehearsing. Whether it’s for a product pitch or stepping in front of a room of people, preparation and rehearsal are must do’s for success in business.

3. The show must go on

Life happens and we get it. In the theater, regardless of what happens, the show must go on! Actor sick, bring in the understudy. Lighting issues, missed cues, makeup snafus…they don’t matter individually relative to the production itself. Business is similar. We need to be resilient and recognize that obstacles are inevitable. It’s our mindset that matters here and it’s one of the most important lessons that we can take from the stage. Our business must go on.

Want more lessons from the stage?

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