How Applying Patience Drives Greater Success

In business and in life there is a need for urgency. Urgency is understanding that there is a time limit to get something done, once that time has passed, so has the opportunity. Business and business development have moments of urgency, sometimes often. What we need to be careful of is losing our patience when

3 Ways Finding Your Niche Will Enhance Your Business

Finding a niche in business and becoming specialized can have an outsized impact on business and growth. Speaking from experience, specializing can do more than make you memorable. It can help you win business, grant instant credibility and insulate you from your competitors. Let’s drill into why specializing can be a great direction to bring

Self Awareness And How You Self-Sabotage Yourself Every Day

Self awareness has a tremendous impact on your success as an individual and entrepreneur. It’s arguably one of the most difficult skills to acquire. As Shakespeare once wrote: “To thine own self be true.” A simple concept and much harder in practice. Knowing ourselves is as much about knowing our strengths and our weaknesses as

Finding Balance

Doing what we need to do when there is no friction, no obstacles, and nothing pushing against us is, for the most part, fairly easy. What happens when we do run into problems, derailers, distractions and we get knocked off course? Having a way to balance yourself and recenter yourself is an important tool as

Creating Perspective

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and it could be! 1000 words, however, isn’t such a good thing anymore. Today, whether in our business or personal life we have a unique challenge to deal with: We have limited time and a limited amount of attention. 1000 words is all well and good, but