Communicating certainty – how setting expectations creates peace of mind

Trust and peace of mind are critical ingredients to any client or prospect relationship. Peace of mind may be the ultimate benefit of implementing strategies and solutions and we commonly find as a top response from any individuals we work with. In order to create peace of mind and fast track building out trust, setting expectations is top of the list of necessary skills to develop.

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Setting expectations will create peace of mind by communicating certainty. Here’s how!

Reduced Anxiety

Anxiety arises when we are unsure about the future. It’s almost like paying taxes on money you haven’t earned, yet many of us are guilty of having anxiety about the future. One of the easiest ways to reduce anxiety is to set crystal clear expectations. When communicated regularly these expectations will create certainty and reduce anxiety about the future. Less anxiety means happier prospects and clients with greater levels of trust!

Enhanced Trust

Speaking of trust, the speed in which we can develop and build trust is going to have a direct impact on our bottom line in our businesses. When we are able to set and meet expectations regularly we end up developing trust much more effectively than we otherwise would. Sure, getting things done will increase trust but only if it’s in line with the expectations that have been set. PS, there are always expectations regardless of whether you set them, so if you’re not, you are missing out on a serious opportunity to control the narrative of your relationship with clients and prospects and ensure peace of mind!

Increased Critical Thinking

Setting expectations facilitates greater collaboration, problem solving and most importantly critical thinking. By setting expectations we are mapping out our timeline for when and how we’re going to achieve our goals. The process of creating a plan and roadmap for our projects and services forces us to critically think about the problems and challenges we need to overcome. When we work on a team it allows all members to actively engage collaboratively to solve any problems. By setting clear expectations team members are able to all be on the same page and address challenges head on. This provides peace of mind to everyone involved in the process!

Setting expectations allows us to communicate certainty and creates peace of mind for all parties involved including yourself and your team. It’s why we consider consistent expectation setting to be one of the most critical skills you can develop as a professional!

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