Future Predictors of Success: Empathy

Future Predictors of Success: Empathy

It would be great to know what steps we needed to take for success. Life of course isn’t that predictable. There are characteristics that, if we emphasize, can help predict success and make success much more likely. We call these ‘predictors of success.’ One of our favorite predictors of future success is empathy. Empathy is a characteristic under the umbrella of emotional intelligence and is a critical characteristic involving relationships with others. As we like to say, business is all about working with people we like. Empathy is crucial to winning business and forming lasting relationships and is one of our top future predictors of success.

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What is Empathy?

Empathy is a lot less complex than a lot of people make it out to be. Empathy is simply understanding that someone can have a different perspective and viewpoint than your own. Unlike most explanations, empathy does NOT have to be shared emotional connections. An understanding that there is a different perspective is enough. This understanding should be emotion free and judgment free.

Why is empathy a future predictor of success in business?

Empathy is a future predictor of success because empathy is the foundation of lasting and deep relationships. Nothing we do in life (business or personal) is done in a vacuum. Everything we do includes interactions with other people and empathy is an integral part of building relationships with others. By practicing empathy and having high emotional intelligence we can build relationships quicker, make them stronger and leverage people to do more than we ever could on our own. In this way empathy is a tremendous metric when gauging future success. Empathy can lead to greater leadership, team work, communication, connection with clients and constituents and much stronger marketing.

Why is empathy a future predictor of success in our personal lives?

Studies have shown that liberal arts majors are better prepared for a number of different jobs versus technical degrees such as Bachelors of Science. Why is this? One serious argument is that liberal arts majors are exposed to much more teaching around the human spirit, behavior and people skills like empathy than technical programs offer. Understanding other people is incredibly important. The human experience is varied and different and our ability to comprehend differences in upbringing, perspective and how people view the world will influence our ability to connect with others and move outside of our own world view. By developing empathy we are able to develop compassion and learn to care for others within our communities. Empathy is a great future predictor of success in personal relationships because it is a key ingredient to the recipe of relationships with many different types of people.

How do you see empathy as a predictor of future success?

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