Supercharge retention by creating greater engagement in education

When we educate ourselves or someone else, one of the most critical indicators of success will be retention. How long and well do we keep the information we learned? Today, we recognize that higher levels of engagement directly correlate with increased retention and make our efforts at educating ourselves or others significantly more effective. In today’s blog we’ll explore how you can create greater engagement in education to drive incredible retention!

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Le’ts take a look at how we can create greater engagement in education.

Offer Choice and Learning Pathways

Much of education has been constructed by the hands of the teacher and often students are left with a model they must follow. By offering choice and learning pathways you can provide options to students on specific lessons they can learn within broader topics. Allowing for students to choose how they will demonstrate their knowledge also provides them with more excitement and enjoyment as they engage with the material.

Emphasize Growth Mindsets

Failure is ingrained in us as a bad thing. Yet some of the very best learning tends to be driven from failures and mistakes. Emphasizing a growth mindset means that we can and should embrace failure in what we do! Plan and build out exercises where failure is expected at least half the time and celebrated at the same level success is celebrated.

Incorporate Active Learning

There are many types of learning styles and rather than wax poetic on the various learning methods that are widely used and accepted we’ll instead focus our attention on active learning. Active learning can mean many things and typically will include, group projects, collaboration, interactive discussions and hands-on activities. By integrating this type of learning into traditional lesson planning we can greatly increase engagement across many different types of people and dramatically improve retention.

By implementing some of the suggestions above you’ll create much greater engagement whether it’s in your own individual learning or any education you’re offering to others. The best benefit of creating more engagement is you will supercharge retention for anyone involved in the learning process!


How do you increase engagement?

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