Belief and the beRICH mindset

Belief and the beRICH mindset

Beliefs drive our behaviors, our actions and our reactions.  They influence how people see and interact with us.  They produce and determine our inner circles and even our perceptions of the world around us.

Beliefs Matter 

It’s why we, JB and The Doctor created the Entrepreneur Mastery Lab (EML) and it’s why we built the #beRICH mindset as our core value system.  Both the EML and the beRICH mindset are products of our belief systems.
So what are our beliefs and how can you see and feel them?  Here’s a few.
  1. We all want to be great and be a part of something great
  2. Community will allow us to become greater than ourselves and will create opportunities for legacy and impact
  3. There’s no real fulfillment in being materially successful, we need to lift others up with us
  4. We can always do better
  5. Life requires constant experimentation

The beRICH mindset

The beRICH mindset is about living a fulfilled and satisfied life.  It specifically states:

R – Rise to mastery

Whether it’s in your profession, your craft, your personal development, we need to develop mastery to develop respect for ourselves.  Without true dedication and mastery there is no true self respect.

I – Inspire greatness 

Being an inspiration to others means leading by example.  It’s earning the reputation of living a life aligned with your beliefs even when it’s hard, and even when no one is looking.

C – Celebrate knowledge

Knowledge is the tool we use to better ourselves and the people around us.  Celebrating the quest for knowledge and rewarding ourselves for the development of our minds is a must.

H – Help others along the way

People are tribal.  We are not meant to be alone.  Everyday we make the choice to develop the community around us.  When we do, we find we strengthen ourselves.  We are the multiple and the prodigy of the community around us, as they are of us.

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab (EML) 

If you’re in the EML it’s because of our belief system and that you share some, or all, of our beliefs.  The lab was created as movement and a vehicle to better the way that we do business and live our lives. 

If you’re not a member we highly encourage you to join right now and become a part of something greater than yourself.

If you’re curious why we’re discussing beliefs at all, check out our most recent podcast where we spoke with Mark and John Cronin of John’s Crazy Socks, the worlds largest sock company.  You can listen in here!

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