Getting creative: Turning nothing into something

Getting creative: Turning nothing into something

Our mindset is critical to our success in business especially when we are going to be faced with rejection, and an untold number of challenges throughout the journey. Often we look at challenges as obstacles, speedbumps, detours or outright rejection while we could be looking at them as opportunities, chances to pivot and avenues to refine. In order to take something negative and turn it positive, one of the best things we can do is to get creative. In this blog we’re going to discuss how we can work on getting creative so we can turn something into nothing.

Speaking of creativity!

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What are the simplest tips out there to get more creative and turn nothing into something?

Get past the symptom

When we’re dealing with challenges, especially from our prospects and future clients, we don’t typically have the underlying issues stated up front. Instead, what we get is symptoms. Most people will do their best to solve a symptom, but if you do that you’re not necessarily helping the prospect and you’re definitely not helping yourself (unless your offer is simply to alleviate symptoms)! It is crucial to get past the symptom to figure out what is really going on. If you can do that and start to solve for that you will be well on your way to turning nothing into something! Sometimes this requires creative thinking and question asking. Don’t be afraid to get creative to get past the symptoms!

Have the client address the impact

Although we want to wave a magic wand for our clients it’s far more effective for them to wave the wand. Client’s take action much more quickly when they are the one that is reasoning through the why. The best way to accomplish this is to have a client fully share how fixing an underlying problem will impact their lives. They will end up moving themselves forward towards a solution. This means getting creative and not working off a script. Every individual situation is different and requires creative problem solving.

Be transparent

There is no reason to fit a square peg into a round hole. It just won’t work and will hurt more than it helps. By being transparent with people you help them understand that you’re coming from a place of partnership and guidance and not from a place of manipulation. 

When you incorporate all three of these tips it’s very easy to take nothing and turn it into something. By approaching prospect engagements in this way you’ll have provided more value than 99% of competitors in your respective industries. Regardless of whether you can provide a solution you have earned the right to ask for SOMETHING. What can you ask for? Be creative. Ask for referrals, reviews, testimonials…whatever you need. Remember, you earned it!

How have you turned nothing into something?

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