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As business owners and professionals, it’s quite common to lean towards formality. Having a professional brand, is, if nothing else, professional. It’s also easier than having a likeable brand. But what if I told you that you need to have some fun or you’ll suffer the consequences?


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In the war between likeability and professionalism businesses and professionals typically fall into one of the two camps. In my experience the formal camp of consistent professionalism is the most common to adopt into a business or profession. This is because we can follow a template. Formality, professionalism, and all the social cues that go with it are fairly easily recognizable and implementable. There isn’t much ‘risk’ in being formal. Except, maybe there is.

At some point in our lives many of us start losing the ability to have fun. This peaks around 45 years of age but can start much earlier for people. Whether you’re a professional/business owner or a consumer, you’re equally impacted. And having fun matters. Having fun preserves health, increases creativity, reduces stress and leads to a better memory! Companies and people have started to take notice too…

In our most recent podcast, we chatted about gamification with Eddie Jimenez of 1Huddle. Gamification requires us to have some fun. It works really well too! If you’re like most people we know, chances are you’d like to be able to be professional, run a great business and have some fun. It’s a safe bet you’d also like your client experience to mirror your own as well. An experience that is both professional AND enjoyable. It’s one of the reasons we really enjoyed our conversation around gamification. If you’d like to learn more about gamification and having fun you can listen to this podcast episode right here!

In The Entrepreneur Mastery Lab community, you’re going to find other professionals just like you, these are people that want to have a great business but also want to have some fun as well! To join our awesome community of rockstars like yourself, request access here! Best of all, they are both free!

But what’s the risk of not having fun and not using gamification? Being too formal carries risk when you fail to meet your expectations of formality. Sooner or later all businesses do. All business are run by people and sooner or later people will screw up. We’re not robots. When that screw up happens and you only have a formal and professional brand, it hurts!

It turns out people and consumers are much more forgiving when you have a brand that is likeable and more authentic. A brand that loosens up the tie and unbuttons the top button of the shirt. It doesn’t mean that consumers don’t expect professionalism, it just means that having some fun in your business and with your clients can go a long way to mitigate some risk.
Maybe most importantly, business owners and professionals run a high risk of burnout, unhealthy levels of stress and long running anxiety. Building some fun into your business can protect your brand, enhance your consumer experience, and provide you with some substantial personal benefits too!

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