Why It’s Important to Address Failure Directly

Failure is inevitable and it’s not a bad thing. We look at failure as a negative and yet, in the grand experiment that is life and business, failure is an absolute certainty. Everyone experiences failure and it’s often the best learning experience for us. Failure can be the best teacher and should be embraced. In this blog we’ll discuss why it’s so important to address failure directly.

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Failure Does Not Mean Fault

Failure and fault are two different things that we commonly lump together. Oh, something failed so whomever was responsible for that failure must be at fault. Yet that is rarely the case. If there is a failure, the statistics suggest that rarely is any single individual at fault (think less than 10% of the time). Failure is an opportunity to fix something broken, not an opportunity to assign blame and fault.

Failure Helps Us Get Better

There are different types of failures and many of them deal with uncertainty and experimentation. In these instances, our failures help us correct to more predictable outcomes. In other words, these failures drive innovation. If the failure is a result of effort to improve, it can absolutely be a positive.

It’s All About Perception

People will trust you more if you’re open about your failures. Everyone knows we’re going to have them from time to time, and it’s about how you deal with them that is most important. By addressing failures head-on we can emphasize to anyone paying attention that we’re aware of the failure, will put energy and time into correcting for them in the future and that will help develop more trust than simply pretending we are perfect!

How do you address your failures?

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