Being Schooled by Dr. P, Will Get You Psyched Up

In the last 20 years we’ve seen an enormous uptick in the concept of client relationship management (CRM). All too often when we hear this term our thoughts go straight to software. You might even think ‘salesforce,’ as a synonym for CRM. What is CRM then, is it truly just software that helps us track

Couples Money Challenge

Cupid’s Arrow. It’s an appropriate symbol of the Valentine’s Day holiday and of relationships in general. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that comes with a host of challenges and it’s not uncommon for it to be exciting, romantic, and full of love. It’s also common to come across as painful, insufferable and miserable for a

Tom Brady, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Be RICH mindset.

In our most recent quick hit episode of our podcast, JB and The Doctor, Mastery With Science we explored how incredible it is to see Tom Brady’s journey from a back-up quarterback at the University of Michigan to an individual with more Super Bowl rings than any single FRANCHISE. One of the items we focused

Controlling Your Calendar – Thoughts on structuring your time

Time is our most valuable resource.  Not maybe, not kind of, not quite. It is.  Hard stop. Yet we rarely feel like we have control of it (we do), we rarely feel like we have enough of it (we do) and we rarely feel like we can do everything we want to do (we can).  

Setting Goals – Insight From Genesis Games of Healing Connections

Setting goals is a weird thing.  They’re supposed to be SMART, BHAG, fit into your calendar, results-oriented, carry your strategy, your dream, your vision, your fantasies your wonderland, your last will and testament, durable and medical power of attorneys, pre-nup and divorce decree, and your eulogy all in one.  In summary, they are a little

The Importance Of A Strong Start: Flexing On The New Year

Do you feel like you get off to a fast start?  Are you out of the gates fast?  Feel like you’re the head of the pack?  Heading to achieve your goal at full speed?  Or, are you a little slower coming out of the gate?  Do you feel methodical in your approach, are you thoughtful